Change default Global Voicemail files

Hello, I would like to change the default (global, not per extension) announcement for busy, unavailable and instruction on voicemail. Does anyone know how to do this in the UI or where the files are located (and the filenames)?
Any help is appreciated

Files are located in var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en. Not sure if the file name off the top of my head but I just changed over all the sounds on my system to be using Pat Fleet’s voice. She used to do all the AT&T/Bellsouth voice overs.


Thank you. Found the files but there are a lot of them. Any help with the filename?

Thank you very much. I dont think this is going to work. What I want to do is change the default voicemail prompt to something like “press 1 for accounting, or 2 for it department” to use it in vmx locater.
Do you have any ideas?

I think you need to change the unavail and busy audio files in every mailbox, it can be done easily with a script

@VoiceGoddess is Allison and she’s the voice of FreePBX.

The file names are relatively obvious. If there’s going to be one in the system, it will either be something like ‘press-1-for-accounting’, or you can use the voice file snippets to build your own custom message. I think there’s a “press” and “one” and “for” and “accounting” in the filelist (I can’t get to it right now).

IIRC, there is a FreePBX Wiki (or maybe Allison’s website) article that has the content and name of every voice prompt file. If there isn’t, maybe Allison might help us out and tell us where that list is.

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