Change default AMI Settings

I know we can change the the AMI settings from Advanced Settings and override it. But if we want do this from file, what file we have to change??? or we have to change it from DB?

amportal.conf worked for old versions, but changing the ASTMANAGERPORT in this files, didn’t helped in version 15.

Please advise. Thank you.

Why not change it in the GUI?

amportal.conf doesn’t do anything any more. It’s generated by FreePBX for legacy apps that parse that file for info, but is not read by FreePBX to do anything.

You can edit the file /etc/asterisk/manager.conf to change the AMI port and reload/restart asterisk. Then update Advanced Settings to match.

Thank you. But how change the FPBX settings also but not through GUI. Is there any specific config file?

I am creating a Docker file, so needs some changes through config files.

freepbx_settings table keeps the ASTMANAGERPORT config.

Supported method is to use fwconsole

# fwconsole setting ASTMANAGERPORT 5048
Changing "ASTMANAGERPORT" from [5038] to [5048]
[[email protected] ~]# fwconsole setting --list | grep ASTMANAGERPORT
| ASTMANAGERPORT              | 5048                      | 5038              |
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