Change Caller ID depending on number dialled

I would like to change the extension caller ID depending on the number dialled. Basically i’d like when extension 123 dials extension 456 it then shows that 789 is calling instead of 123. But if extension 123 dials anything else it just shows 123.

I’m using FreePBX 13 Distro

I don’t think that’s doable… at least no without some creative programming. You can have a different CID show ALWAYS, or never. I don’t think sometimes is available.

I had though of Oubound routes until you refered to internal calls.

Why do you want to to change?

Hi friend. The code you are asking for is(you need to go to extensions_custom.conf in the administrator/config edit):

exten => 789/123,1,Set(CALLERID(num)=456)

I suppose you created the extension using the gui, not the config files. That will override the caller-id(123) when you call 789.

If you think that well, you will notice that some coding is required, but the fields are:

exten => this/this2,1,Set(CALLERID(num)=this3)

I can help you in the coding part if you wish. Best regards