Change call recordings path

Is it possible to modify the Call Recordings path other than default /var/spool/asterisk/monitor ??
I seen a “Override Call Recording Location” field on advanced settings, could I fill it with a NAS address ?
Should I mount a network share prior of this ?

Thank you

You can change it to any “mounted” file system on any path you choose, but that location needs to be writable by the asterisk user and ALWAYS available, I would refer you to

with specific reference to :-




if you use anything but “perfect” network connected file-systems, then you will need those set appropriatly above any other consideration.

Thank you Dicko

I pointed recordings on a mounted nfs share enabling cache_record_files
It seems to work OK !!!

Does anybody know if Call Recording Reports commercial module is still usable when a different path is choosen ??

Thank you

An issue (?) in writing recordings files into a network storage:
When the target device is not available, the call to be recorded hangs.
This occours if destination is an extension as well as a ring group or a queue , configured for call recordings, either immediately or when extension answers , because the network share is not available:
(a queue example with extension 5004 calling queue 5704 and recording into /mnt/nas simply disconnecting its network cable):

– Executing [[email protected]:3] MixMonitor(“SIP/5004-00000008”, “/mnt/nas/2014/10/29/q-5704-5004-20141029-093530-1414571730.16.wav,b,”) in new stack
[2014-10-29 09:36:01] NOTICE[1880]: chan_sip.c:28942 check_rtp_timeout: Disconnecting call ‘SIP/5004-00000008’ for lack of RTP activity in 31 seconds

The problem is the call hangs with no more escape elsewhere, so the system for that particular route becomes unusable.

This happens also if cache_record_files is enabled, as a file with 0 lenght is created anyway into the target directory prior the cached local file starts to grow.

Since recording calls on a dedicated fileserver or nas is a usual practice, is there a way to override this issue ??

Thank you

As I said , the way to override this issue is to ALWAYS have that mount available, the caching is to buffer the network writes.

Ok it is mandatory : that mount becomes a part of working system :sunny:
What about Call Reporting Reports module ??
Does it still work with recordings on a different machine ?
(Or do I assume a mount is always considered as “local machine”) ?
Anyone ?


No, it’s not “mandatory” but if the NFS share mount goes stale, then you are hosed.

Sorry I can’t help you with any “Commercial Modules”.

Yes, I mean mandatory if you don’t want to be hosed… :wink:

Let’s see if any staff guy knows about commercial module…

Not sure if this applies to what you are trying to accomplish, but I have been considering moving old call recordings to a mounted NFS share so that current recordings are still local, but prior years are basically “archived” (move the data and mount the share to the expected path: /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/2013, etc).

Might not work for you, but thought I’d throw it out there. I’m doing this to free up space without having the issues listed above. We have thousands of recordings going back to 2011, and while I have plenty of space left, I was using a larger file size for an undetermined period of time and that sort of messed up my storage planning I guess you could say.