Change Blind and Attended Transfer Buttons

We currently always use the attended transfer sequence to transfer calls. Transfer Button > Rapid Dial Extension (D50 phones) > Transfer Button.

We hardly ever talk to the person we are transferring the call to before actually doing it (basically performing a blind transfer). However, when doing an attended transfer the caller id the extension gets is the extension of the person performing the transfer. This is highly annoying and also if you perform the attended transfer too quickly the call seems to drop at times.

Is there any way to get the attended transfer button sequence to perform a blind transfer. I know we can dial ##(user extension) to perform a true blind transfer, but no one knows all the extensions and this isn’t of interest as we blind transfer all the time.

Is there any solution or workaround for us?

Looks like this is an options?

I’m not really sure I understand it however.

Anyone else have any insight? I’ve read a few different articles expressing interest in this option.