Chan_SIP Trunk and IP addresses assigned to it


I am relatively new to FreePBX, I researched PBX modules, trunks, outbound/inbound routes in the previous few weeks and my team decided to throw me into fire few days ago and give me some task, but after not finding solution i came here for maybe some possible help.
So basically i am working on FreePBX 15, and i have one IAX trunk and multiple Chan_sip(i know those things are outdated but this was set a long time ago) trunks set. On machine that i am running FreePBX i have two network interfaces and i need to add another one.
Now my task is to create another SIP Trunk towards another operator and to check if there is a possiblity that Trunk return IP address that is assigned to that interface, so when i get call from specific trunk to return IP address that is connected to that interface which trunk is assigned to. So is there a possibility in FreePBX to assign a specific interface or ip address to a certain trunk?
I saw some media_address settings but i am not sure is it going to work in this case. Thanks for help in advance.

You need chan_pjsip to allow transports to be bound to different interfaces.

However, Asterisk will try to work out which IP address based on which interface the OS routing tables select for the destination address.

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Since i have everything configured with Chan_SIP do i need basically to change entire Trunk configuration to move them to pjsip or is there some workaround. For example can i mix pjsip and sip? Or if i decide to migrate to pjsip are there any specific things i should pay attention to?

You can mix, but they must use different local port numbers.

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