Chan SCCP for cisco phones? Trying to dial out automatically

I installed chan sccp and i did a trick on my old server, where I went into one of the .conf files and changed 1-2 variables on the configuration file by adding a number to the end of it. (ex. phone changed to phone1) and that would allow the phone to dial out immediately instead of having to set the digit timeout in sccp.conf

All you have to do is program your dialplan.xml properly. One of my favorites is to put a comma between the prefix and dialed digits. Returns a local dialtone like an old fashion pbx.

chan sccp uses dialplan.xml? Ok Ill try it and let you know

No, the phone does.

Maybe I don’t understand what you want to do.

i tried the using the dialplan xml and its not working. I remember it was a config file inside that when the digits where sent to the pbx if it found a match it would tell the phone to immediately dial.