Chan-SCCP-B not working / installing

Hello, I’ve been trying to install Chan-SCCP-B on my instance of FreePBX. I have followed all instructions possible on the internet and nothing is working. Can anyone help me. I’ve been mainly following this link: but I can’t get past the Configuring stage. Please help - thanks

So, the procedure to install chan_sccp is this (skip to sccp_manager if you already have it installed):

  • First, let’s update the server and install some configuration files
yum update
yum upgrade
yum install git asterisk-devel autoconf automake gcc
  • To provision the phones with their config file, we need to have a tftp server.
    To make sure a tftp-server is installed we run:
yum install tftp tftp-server* xinetd*

After that we have to update/edit the /etc/xinetd.d/tftp file to enable the tftp server.
You should only have to change the disable line to “no”. It should look something like:

service tftp
    id              = tftp
    socket_type     = dgram
    protocol        = udp
    user            = root
    wait            = no
    disable         = no
    server          = /usr/sbin/in.tftpd
    server_args     = /tftpboot
    FLAGS           = IPv6 IPv4

Then restart xinetd

systemctl restart xinetd

After updating the packages and installing the TFTP server, let’s move on to downloading chan_sccp:

cd /usr/src
git clone chan-sccp
cd chan-sccp

And now lets install it:

./configure --enable-conference --enable-video     # check './configure --help' for more options
make -j2
make install

After that, we activate it on FreePBX GUI:
Via the FreePBX GUI navigate to Admin->Asterisk Modules, under

  • under ‘Excluded Modules’ add
  • under ‘Manually Loaded Modules’ add

After that, save it, apply it, and i like to do a fwconsole chown and a fwconsole restart to ensure everything is installed and running correctly.

Now that everything is ok with Chan_SCCP, let’s install SCCP Manager!

PS: in my experience, the stable version presented some errors, mainly when configuring the devices. The DEVELOP version works perfectly, I have been using it for more than six months (in test and production environments) and it has never presented any bugs, unlike the stable version, so I recommend using it. But you can test both on your own and see which is best for your scenario.

  • Log in to FreePBX
  • Go to Admin → Module Admin
  • Click Upload Modules.
  • Enter one of the following urls: (Stable Version) (Develop Version, works better for me)

  • Click Download From Web
  • Do a fwconsole chown from CLI to prevent permission errors after downloading
  • Click Manage Local Modules
  • Find and click SCCP Manager. Check Install. Click Process button.
  • Confirm installation.
  • Close Status window.
  • Apply Config to FreePBX.

After that, you can use SCCP Manager normally to configure and provision your phones.

Source of information used:


GitHub - chan-sccp/sccp_manager: SCCP Manager

SCCP Manager. Contribute to chan-sccp/sccp_manager development by creating an account on GitHub.



GitHub - chan-sccp/chan-sccp: Replacement for the SCCP channel driver in…

Replacement for the SCCP channel driver in Asterisk. Extended features include Shared Lines, Presence / BLF, customizable Feature Buttons, and Custom Device State. Visit our discussion mailing list…

Thank you however yum doesnt seem to work for me it just says invalid command.

Does your FreePBX instance use FreePBX Distro (SangomaOS/CentOS) or use some other operating system?

I am using RasPBX so Raspbian. I have tried to install yum (if you can) but to no luck

Oh, unfortunately I don’t have much experience with Debian/RasPBX… this tutorial is only valid for FreePBX Distro/CentOS based systems.

Well, I know that Raspbian uses “apt-get” as its package manager instead of yum, so I think maybe replacing yum with apt-get might work, but it’s possible that you’ll find other differences (like the installation path) so unfortunately I’m not sure how to proceed in this specific case

Thanks for your help anyway :slight_smile: