Chan_sccp-b Module, Fatal Error, Database not working

I’ve installed Chan_SCCP v4.2 (latest) following this guide

However, cant get the FreePBX module installed

sccp freepbx module:

I have the same problem with fatal error as OP:
“It seems that the chan_sccp-b make install did not add the new tables. To get the module to install and enable I had to manually apply the correct SQL file from the chan_sccp-b package:
mysql> source /root/Chan_SCCP-V4.1_STABLE/conf/mysql-v5.sql”

However when I put in the mysql command “source …” it said no database selected, so I put “USE asterisk source …”

and so it added the tables to the asterisk db, but still fatal error on the module install

Not sure what database its even supposed to use - or if it needs its own.

Any ideas?



You need to install and setup SCCP first before using the module. This is fixed in the latest version however.

I did install sccp first

here’s all i’ve done

yum install asterisk11-devel.x86_64
cd /
mkdir sccp


tar -zxvf Chan_SCCP-4.2.0_RC3_r6042.tar.gz
cd Chan_SCCP-4.2.0_RC3_r6042.tar.gz
make install

mysql -u root

USE asterisk source /sccp/Chan_SCCP-4.2.0_RC3_r6042/conf/mysql-v5.sql;

install module, fatal error

This is a contributed module. No work is being done on it. Here is where it’s hosted:

Oh I thought you developed it. Would be nice to get it working because the Cisco SIP firmware for anything but SPA phones is so bad.

But I understand FreePBX not wanting to be sued by Cisco for it, even though chan_sccp is reverse engineered, not stolen. It reminds me of BNETD, the open-source project that reverse engineered Battle.Net and was sued by Blizzard, Blizzard won because their EULA stated reverse engineering was not allowed, seems reverse engineering laws are sketchy, in some cases allowed, some not

No I only added it. A community member was going to fix it but dont know what happened to him.