CHAN_PJSIP disabled

Has anyone else found recently that PJSIP has become disabled “all by itself”?

I’ve got a system here running the most recent FreePBX distro, and sometime between Nov 25th and today the “SIP channel driver” setting in Advanced settings changed itself from “both” to “chan_sip”.

This is a very low traffic system so I can’t be sure of more exact timing but the last outbound call from an endpoint in the CDR was on the 25th.

I am the only one with the admin password at this point so I know nobody was in the configs… only possibility that I can see is that sysadmin_pro shows that the 6.12.65-22 upgrade was applied on the 27th.

Changing the setting back to “Both” seems to have rectified the situation but I’m more curious than anything else as to how it got changed in the first place.


Well, two months late here but I just discovered this. I’m trying to follow some instructions that tell me to use the chan_pjsip driver. If I try to set the SIP Channel Driver setting to “Both” it just resets itself to “chan_sip”

Is chan_pjsip no longer available?

What version of asterisk?

The default 11 that comes with the RasPBX distro.

Asterisk 11 doesn’t support PJSIP so that’s why it’s getting disabled.

I read that 12 should be avoided. Is there an argument for moving to 13 or should I stay with 11?