Hi there
i downloaded asterisk and want to get chan_mobile working
all went well i can see my cellphone and my cell can se me, pairing the two also works fine, but when i try to load “module load” i get error “unable to load module”

if you can help i would appreciate it


When you downloaded, did you compile in support for chan_mobile from within the menuselect tool? If you did then as far as i know chan_mobile should load automatically, there should be no need to load it manually.

Do an amportal restart, then issue the following command:

asterisk -rx "module show" | grep chan_mobile

If the module is already loaded, you should get something like:                 Bluetooth Mobile Device Channel Driver   0 

I am a novice in asterisk, I use a nokia 6720 with a usb dongle pluged in asterisk box, I paired them, i run the command hcitool dc xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx with a xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx was a lumia phone, but I think lumia can not be used maybe chan_mobile use AT commands, Lumia doesnot provide any AT port.
hence I use Nokia mobile with AT port.
the question is after pairing bluetooth, how can I add a channel for caller and extension for mobile nokia to go trought. I use pbx in a flash, I can also edit manually if i know what i can add or change.
any help will be very evaluated.
Thanks in advance.