CF : How to preserve the original CLI?

I have my extension forwarded to mobile phone.
Incoming call enters a trunk and outgoing to mobile exits trough a different trunk.
When mobile phone rings , it displays my outgoing trunk CLI : is it possible to keep the original incoming CLI ??
Is it a feature that has to be allowed by outgoing trunk service provider ??

Thank you

Your SIP provider has to allow you to send custom CID. Some do allow, some don’t.

Are you forcing the trunk CID, maybe in FreePBX trunk settings or on the provider end?

Yes, the trunk supplier has to support it and you have to set it up correctly in the PBX.

There are lots of places in the system that “manage” the Caller ID (CID). Any or all of them could be messing with your success.

The first step would be to call your SIP provider (most land-line carriers do not support foreign Caller ID and force the line to use the one for that line) and ask them if they support foreign Caller ID. If they do, the problem is in your system.

If they do not, I know of at least three providers (Alcazar Networks, VOIP Innovations, and SIPStation(IIRC) ) that all support the use of foreign Caller ID.

When you find out what the ITSP’s position on foreign caller ID is, we should be able to help you. Search for “foreign CID” in the Search icon for more information on this commonly discussed topic.

Vitelity,, Time Warner, Nexvortex do allow as well.

Not allowed by providers here, probably a national restriction…
Thank you anyway.