Certificate problem at upgrades.freepbxdistro.org

Getting this message…

[[email protected] ~]# wget https://upgrades.freepbxdistro.org/stable/6.12.65/upgrade-6.12.65-30.sh
--2015-09-29 14:24:54--  https://upgrades.freepbxdistro.org/stable/6.12.65/upgrade-6.12.65-30.sh
Resolving upgrades.freepbxdistro.org...
Connecting to upgrades.freepbxdistro.org||:443... connected.
ERROR: no certificate subject alternative name matches
requested host name “upgrades.freepbxdistro.org”.
To connect to upgrades.freepbxdistro.org insecurely, use ‘--no-check-certificate’.

That’s correct - use ‘curl’ or ‘–no-check-certificate’.

wget in 6.5 doesn’t support SNI, but the version of wget in 6.6 does. As you process through the upgrade to 6.6, the error will go away 8)

…Thank you…!

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