Certificate Issue on PBX

This is a crazy issue. pbx and mail servers have their own certificates and on most machines work fine. On one Windows 11 machine not so fine. On this problem machine, every time you try to browse (any browser Chrome, Firefox, Edge) when you browse to the pbx the webserver for the mail server comes up.
pbx is https://pbx.xxxx.xxx
mail is https://mail.xxxx.xxx
I have cleared DNS cache, clear browser cache, delete hosts file and recreated as default.
What is going on???

Each "secure service’ will be configured to serve certificates from a particular location, FreePBX will likely use cerrtificate and key in /etc/asterisk/keys but the webserver will need to know that , postfix or your MTA , as configured. It is up to you to maintain all certificates in a timely fashion (using publicly acknowledged ones)

If you are serving mail and other services over https then whatever arrives on port 443 will need to be sent to the correct service depending on the domain name invoked , pbx.xxxx.xxx to FreePBX and mail.xxxx.xxx to your mail server

Yes. This helped me sort it out. Works now. Thanks.

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