Cepstral app_swift Can't find asterisk include files

Greetings programmers,
I’m trying to install the module, app_swift, in order to use the Cepstral Text-2-Speech engine.
I have the voices and installed.
When installing the app_swift module, one first runs “./configure”. If successful, it instructs the user to run “make”. If that is successful, “make install” is ran. And than “make reload”.

I get as far as “make”. Which gives the error: “include Asterisk files not found”.

I have searched the drive for any …/include/asterisk/ directories and found none.

If anyone has installed the app_swift module on any Asterisk box, please let me know how you did it.
Or at least, where or how to get the include files for asterisk.

Our asterisk version is 13.

TIA, Ira

Did you “yum install asterisk-devel”?

I was not the one who installed FreePBX.

Are you saying by installing the asterisk portion with ‘yum install asterisk-devel’ the /usr/include/asterisk files will be loaded?

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