CEPM - BLF does not update properly on some SNOM870 desksets

This appears to have been solved. There is an option on the CEPM extension mapping to choose ‘no substitution’ for the BLF.

We use SNOM870s internally for most purposes and for all user desk-sets. We recently had to remap some of our existing softphone device numbers to new users. As a result some of the labels changed. We updated the template for snom870 to have the new labels for S870s and save it. We then went to the CEPM extension Mapping page and rebuilt and updated the devices immediately impacted by the change. In both cases the rebuild and update took place but the results are not as expected. What we observe is that for all other stations the BLF is updated as expected, However, the two devices that are the object of the changes do not update the label assigned to their own device number. In a way this makes sense, since one is unlikely to want to call oneself. However, what displays on one phone is a label from years back which has long since disappeared from every other device while the other shows its device number.

I am not sure how this is supposed to be handled in FreePBX. My desire is that the labels just get set as specified in the template. Alternatively, the device number as it appears on one device is acceptable. But the other phone is showing a name that is no long associated with our firm. What is particularly irksome is that this behaviour is not displayed by another device that I have tested. In every other case the device has its own label in the appropriate space on the BLF.

Can anyone tell me what is happening with these two devices and how to fix it?

Looks like you’re asking about BLF Substitution:

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