Centralized phonebook

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I was wondering if one of you had a solution to get a centralized phonebook for Freepbx. Actually I have put a little php script that return the results from the phone search , but it isn’t very convenient because the user have to type a user name with the phones.

Any idea to have like a local directory but synchronized to my DB ?

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I personally have the mitel 6867i, (old aastra 6867i) phones and it allows one to load a CSV file using the aastra.cfg file in the tftpboot folder using {directory 1: externalAddressBook.csv} entry. maybe the phones you are using would allow such a thing. I’m sure you already know about the “Asterisk Phonebook” in Admin… Asterisk Phonebook… that only works for inbound CID…

Hi @chasemixon and thank you for your answer.

To be honest , I did not understand how your solution works.
Does it allow the phones to synchronize their phonebook when you add an entry in FreePBX ?

well let me try again, sorry for the misunderstanding…

  1. the “Asterisk Phonebook” in the Admin menu allows you CID to all phones that use that PBX server but doesn’t allow you to call out, unless you assign a speed-dial number to each one.
  2. this is something that is specific to Aastra Phones, on boot up they look to the tftpboot folder on my PBX and pull the config file the file is called (aastra.cfg) I put a bunch of settings in there from time zone to speed-dial keys. it also allows me to add a phonebook to the phone a company directory so-to-speak. that’s the {directory 1: externalAddressBook.csv} I mentioned earlier…
    I would imagine, that most sip phones would allow you to do something like this, just have to find out how to do it for your phones.

Hi @chasemixon, sorry for the long time to reply.

Your second solution seems to be very attractive , I’ll try it with my phones , thanks :slight_smile: