CentOS update killed my freepbx

For several months now I have been using a fully working/configured setup of Trixbox with freepbx.
This week I ran yum update on the server that hosts freepbx (which I’ve done before without a problem) and now when I navigate to my freepbx url I get:

[nativecode=Access denied for user ‘asteriskuser’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)]

I’ve checked the db and the user/pw is still there, it hasn’t been wiped, but I can’t login to MySQL using these details manually either.
The conf files all still contain the right un/pw.

I tried running /usr/src/freepbx-2.3.1/apply_conf.sh, to see if I could reapply the working settings. It ran ok, no errors, but it didn’t fix my problem.

Have any of you come across this before?
Any idea what might have happened?

or something. i don’t remember the details, but googling for ‘resetting mysql root password’ will turn up at least one FAQ explaining how to fix this.

Phew…a little bit of experimentation and I sorted it. The root password was still working and I’d viewed the database called ‘mysql’ using phpmyadmin and I could see the username and password were still there. The encrypted string for the password matched what people had quoted it as on other threads I’d checked, then it occured to me how dumb I was being…if it matched what others had quoted then it must be the default password not the new one I had set months ago so I changed my config back to the default password and bingo I’m in…lol

Thanks for your help.