CentOS Local Host Login?

I have installed the FREEPBX software but… it is asking me for a Localhost Login: can someone tell me what that login is? I did set a password but not a login name… please let me know thanks

You set the passsword for the root account.

However that doesn’t get get you into FreePBX, it’s web based. Suggest you read up on the system.

So is the USER name ROOT? and i assume that the ip address is my server i should be able to log onto it via browser. Does it do AUTO Provisioning??

No the web login will be requested the first time you login.

As far as the auto provisioning, it is impossible to answer a question, you did not tell us what kind of phones. You also did not tell us what kind of system you installed. Did you install our distro our install FreePBX yourself?

There is a phone provisioning module for the system.

You really need to read some of the getting started documentation. We really don’t appreciate answering questions you have not even attempted to answer yourself.