CentOS 7 Sysadmin manual installation

Running FreePBX version on CentOS7. I know it isn’t documented but I would love to know how to either manually get postfix to work to send voicemails as emails like the old way I did it or how to get sysadmin rolling so I can pay for the PRO version. I honestly would prefer to pay, but keep hitting roadblocks on installing sysadmin with CentoS 7.

You’ll need to use FreePBX Distro 7 (which is based on RHEL 7, as CentOS 7 is).

Note that there’s no way, at all, to get FreePBX 12 commercial modules working on 7. You need a newer version of PHP, which is part of FreePBX Distro 7, which will also require you to upgrade to FreePBX 13 (or, 14)

Well that is pretty definitive hah. Thanks for the response.

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