CDRPlus live call reporting and monitoring software for Asterisk

Hi Guys

I finally decided to publish my CDRPlus live call monitoring and reporting software to
GitHub and make it available as an OpenSource project and free to
use. you can find it here at mdkberry/ cdrplus

It needs some tweaking and quite a bit of manual work to get it up and running. the
CDRPlus runs on Windows 7 using Xampp and connects to Asterisk via
port 3306 and taps into the MYSQL databases. This is a massive
vulnerability so be careful to lock down the PBX to ip address access
only. Lots of details over at Github to get it installed. There is
also my final install instructions for building a PBX which may be of
use. I had them running in live offices for some time with large
heavy duty calling going on.

CDRPlus was running in a business environment for over 2 years. I designed it but it was
coded in php by a freelancer. It worked very well once you get it
setup right, and gives reporting and browser access so staff can see
their live, daily, weekly or monthly stats and team stats too. it
also can displays to an office screen via a browser so the office
can see live calls tallied as they happen per user and the info
rotates based on changeable options in the settings.

I havent updated it in a while. I will be available up to a point for questions via
Github but only really willing to stay involved up to the point that
it makes sense to any user wanting to download it and use the

I started running it with Elastix PBX but moved to FreePBX for my clients, but I believe
it should work with any Asterisk if you tweak the databases to match
Good luck, and enjoy, and please only direct questions to me via Github as I wont be
on here. I have essentially moved away from the phone world at this