CDR Traffic Reports

We have a customer who want to gather the following information. They are using a PRI, They want to track In bound calls from specific DID numbers ( Advertising tracking)Along with the DID that was called we need to track the in bound Caller ID and sort by number.Along with call stats ie: Date & Time etc. If the inbound call was answered by the Automated Attendant we need to track to what department ( Sales, Service, Parts etc) the caller was transferred to. the what extension actually answered the call in the department, how long the caller was on the line, if Placed on Hold and how long the caller was on Hold. IF a caller is on Hold did they finally hang up.

These in bound calls are not part of a ACD group

Are there report modules that meet these requirements ?

We are new the Free PBX Asterisk world and appreciate any help or suggestions

If they are using Queues the Q-exact module has some of that data. The rest is in the CDR DB ready for you to parse. You can connect to the database directly.

If you have a customer that is paying you to do this and you do not know how to do it you should use a consultant such as Schmooze’s support.