CDR Source Column Empty On Reports And Call Monitor

Hey guys,
I’ve got another issue I’ve been struggling with for a couple of days, and I could use some direction.

Here’s the details;
AsteriskNOW 1.7.0/ FreePBX
“Always” call recording for internal, external inbound and external outbound works great.
“On demand” call recording for internal and external inbound works great.

The problem;
“On demand” call recording for external outbound creates the audio file, but does not create the link for playback in Call Monitor.
The “source” columns in CDR reports and in Call Monitor are empty for external outbound calls only.
It is only those records that are missing the “source” which do not display the playback link.

So, with my limited Asterisk knowledge, I’ve surmised that if I can somehow get the source columns properly populated, the “missing links” will likely appear as they should. Any thoughts, suggestions or advice would be very greatly appreciated!

podrias explayarte en el procedimiento de correccion de este error


A bit of additional information - By issuing the following commands in mysql>

use asteriskcdrdb;
select * from cdr;

…I was able to determine that the source (src) values are not being written to the DB at all. The records returned match the Call Monitor output exactly.

I now need to figure out what module/file writes these records, so I try to determine why src isn’t being populated.

Well, I’ve figured something out about the nature of this problem. Any of the on-demand recordings do not have the correct uniqueID stored in the filename. That is why those recording links do show up in Call Monitor. Even more interesting is the fact that if you pull the correct uniqueID from Mysql and insert it anywhere in the recording filename, the link to the file will appear in Call Monitor.

But wait, there’s more…

All of the on-demand recordings start with “auto” in the filename, followed by a “-” and then a slightly incorrect uniqueID. If you take that incorrect ID and compare it to the one in Mysql, you find that it is three digits too short. For example…

auto-1284174531-SIP-1003-00000010-91xxxxxxxxxx.wav (I edited out the destination #)

This recording had “1284174531” in the filename, but "1284174515.16"is the actual uniqueID.

Anyway, I now know why recording links for on-demand outbound call don’t show up. The question is, how do I get this fixed?

Good news! At least for me. I was able to correct this issue and get all types of call recordings to now display correctly in Call Monitor. It took a rewrite of a couple sections of the callmonitor.module, but now it’s working like a champ!

I’m so happy!

Would you mind posting the sections you changed?
I’m having a similar issue.
Thank you!

Please manipo13, post your question in English. This is an English only forum.

Good day!!

May you post your solution as I am experiencing the same problem.