CDR server

Hi all,

I had my CDR server on remote server. Now I’m trying to change it back to my phone server(the original) server. Please let me know what I need to do.


Undo what you did?

I did. I removed the remote cdr settings but calls are now not showing up in the CDR reports.

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Nobody knows what you did, but if you completely undo whatever , it should revert, there is no ‘cdr server’ per se, just a source at the MySQL database asteriskcdrdb.

Can you tell me what config file tells asterisk where your MySQL DB is?


I’d back up one step and put this back, but don’t point it at a remote server, point it either at localhost, or point it through the local MySQL port.

I think you’ll find the localhost method will give you the easiest solution.

Short of that, you can set up the ODBC connectors and configure the CDR to log through the local MySQL (mariadb) connection.

Thanks for help. I got this fixed.

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