CDR selection not working

I’m stuck with a system where paging is used extensively and we have 40
extensions. I’m trying to pull CDR to exclude all the pages.

The CDR shoes these entries for pages:

CallerID App Destination Disposition Duration

2710 Dial PAGE2745 ANSWERED 00:07

2710 ConfBridge PAGE2745 ANSWERED 00:07

UNKNOWN ConfBridge s [app-page-stream] ANSWERED 00:06

UNKNOWN Wait s [app-page-stream] ANSWERED 00:06

UNKNOWN Playback s [app-page-stream] ANSWERED 00:01

UNKNOWN ConfBridge s [app-page-stream] ANSWERED 00:01

<2710> ConfBridge 2850 ANSWERED 00:08

If I select Destination contains page, all I get are the entries reading
PAGE2745. If I check the “Not” box, I get all entries. I’m trying to
find a way to exclude all those entries.

Is this FreePBX 12 or 13? (specifically, CDR or CEL?)

Actually both. CDR Reports.

Are you indeed running both FreePBX 12 and 13; two separate machines?

NO. It was not working on 12. I upgraded to 13 this morning. It’s still not working.