CDR Reports/Useful info

I’m having trouble trying to capture useful data from the cdr report, although it is a complete picture of the call flow and is covering the correct path the calls have taken, its almost giving me too much data and making my reports almost impossible to filter.
we are using ring groups to control the call flow at present so our ivr gives option 1 (602) for support 2 sales etc then a catch all group if the call isn’t answered (600)
The issue is I’m finding is when it comes to running the crdr report I end up with the following:

Which is great in that I can see where the call went but a nightmare for reporting, if I am trying to find how many calls support had for example the number is way bigger than it actually is because I get multiple entries for the 602. So in the example above I get 3 calls just for 602 even though it is the same number, skewing my report slightly.
Then if I try and find how many were “No Answer” I get a similar story so in the example below:

I get 3 no answers even though the call was actually answered. So the call is on both answered and No Answer report.
Can anyone tell me if there is a better way to do this? How do others capture this data? Is it due to the way I am processing calls? Would queues better suit?
Or maybe I am looking at this wrong?

Perhaps instead, put your groups into a queue? You can apply the same ring group type strategy, but then you can install some free reporting software (asternic / FOP2) have a pretty good free one, and report that way?

Thanks will take a look at that.

do you think a queue is the better way to go? will that provide me with any better output from the cdr?