CDR reports time format

I have CDR reports time format lke AM PM but wish to have 24H format
is it possible?

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On FreePBX 14, there are options in Settings, Advanced Settings:
Date and Time Format
Date Format
Time Format

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maybe U can advice me ?— it is hard for me to understand right way on this doc

Localized formats

Because preferred formatting differs based on locale, there are a few tokens that can be used to format a moment based on its locale.

There are upper and lower case variations on the same formats. The lowercase version is intended to be the shortened version of its uppercase counterpart.

Time LT 8:30 PM
Time with seconds LTS 8:30:25 PM
Month numeral, day of month, year L 09/04/1986
l 9/4/1986
Month name, day of month, year LL September 4, 1986
ll Sep 4, 1986
Month name, day of month, year, time LLL September 4, 1986 8:30 PM
lll Sep 4, 1986 8:30 PM
Month name, day of month, day of week, year, time LLLL Thursday, September 4, 1986 8:30 PM
llll Thu, Sep 4, 1986 8:30 PM
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based on locale – locale of Client OS locale of Freepbx server ?
if i want 13:00 time format
can y gige me settings example ?

Если нашел решение, прошу поделиться, сам не могу понять как заставить в cdr отображать 24 часовой формат.

Hello @OverLord71,

Take a look at this topic:

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
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FreePBX Framework14.0.5.2 StableSangoma Technologies Corporation[GPLv2+]Enabled and up to date
not found (

fwconsole ma --edge upgrade framework
fwconsole reload

You can also do

fwconsole ma downloadinstall framework --tag

big thanks!! it worked

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