CDR Reports stopped populating

Hello Everyone!

This is what I did:
-CDR reports were running on a google cloud SQL database and I moved it back to the local freepbx server.
-I exported the data and then imported into the distro database on the freepbx server, the data is there
-I can run the CDR reports just fine, it all shows up in the UI but, it’s not logging new entries. I can’t figure out why?

It appears that everything is working since I can access the reports in the UI but just can’t figure out why it won’t log new entries.

Thanks for your help!

Did you have to enter some custom code somewhere to have it write to google, if so that may need to be backed out… If your google sql is still on, see if those entries are being sent there.
The only other thing I can think of is a wrong password for the local DB.

also from the asterisk cli check the output of cdr show status - it should look similar to below

CLI> cdr show status

Call Detail Record (CDR) settings
  Logging:                    Enabled
  Mode:                       Simple
  Log unanswered calls:       No
  Log congestion:             No

* Registered Backends
    Adaptive ODBC

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