CDR Reports recording link gone?

Hi, after I made some module update, the recording link in CDR report (that always existed) is gone!

Am I missing something or is this on purpose to sell the now available commercial module Call Recording Report?

Best Regards,


Really? Anyone?

The shocker is you expect a response from that question.

You told us nothing. Should be just guess on the 1000’s of permutation of FreePBX, Operating Systems, DB’s etc?

Perhaps if you also included some diagnostics from the asterisk CDR modules.

All you did is make a post with an ignorant accusation of trying to manipulate you into buying an unrelated commercial module.

I didn’t mean to be rude.

It’s just what it looks like. After an update the link is gone from CDR Reports. I’m running the latest version of all modules.

My question is simple, should the link be there or is it gone by purpose?