CDR Reports Pro - Not working

Hi Guys,

I’m having trouble generating results in the CDR Report Pro page. I understand that it will not automatically sync pervious call history, there is a command for that, but I’m not looking for historic data. I installed the module 2 days ago and we’ve made hundreds of calls since then and it’s still not generating any reports.

I’m not sure if this is related but we have changed the “Override Call Recording Location” to /media/ext-drive/call-recordings, since we use an external drive for backups. I am wondering if that is the reason why new calls are not being registered in CDR Reports Pro? If so, how do I get CDR Reports Pro to look in that directory?


The commercial module should come with support. I would ask Sangoma.

Hi, i have this same issue, i didnt change recording folder, Module syncs data only via command. Can ypu pls help.Ticket is open with Sangoma, but no fix yet

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