CDR reports (do i have to setup something before?)

Hello ! I’m trying to understand how CDR report work.

I just did a call with my personnal phone with my Asterisk server and hangup after 20-30secondes.

I was thinking that the details/records/… of the calls will be in the “CDR reports” section, but after a general search, no calls are in the reports, did i miss something?

Hope, someone know something about my problem, cya !

Forgot the screen…

I have no idea what may be wrong, but it’s interesting that another gentleman seems to be having the same issue:

However, you also have csv enabled, so I’m curious if you have files in
and if calls are being logged to Master.csv .

That may tell us whether this is a database issue, or Asterisk failing to send CDR data at all.

Yes, i have somes logs in “”/var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv"" of all calls i made.

But i think my problem come from my sql server


is helpful

i think this was helpful because i got the same thing, but the CDR still not working, is that coming from my mysql serv? Did i miss something to load it?


“asterisk -rcvvvv” keep telling me

– Remote UNIX connection
– Remote UNIX connection disconnected
– Remote UNIX connection
– Remote UNIX connection disconnected
– Remote UNIX connection
– Remote UNIX connection disconnected

when i load my “CDR report” page

module show like cdr

You are looking for

I updated many odbc folders and i thinks they are good.

But now when i’m trying to verify is my FreePBX can connect to the remote database and i got this :

Ok i edited some more and i got this now…

I am making some progress, or i am in the wrong way?

Some more progress

I tried a voice call of 7secondes and still don’t have any reports.
I don’t know what’s wrong

Maybe my addons aren’t okay? How can i check that?

Today i’m trying to do this :

But when i’m trying to make the Makefile, there is many errors (200+)

Does my .c files are broken?

I founded many logs in /var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv/Master.csv.

I’m pretty lost, how can i get calls record and thoses logs in my FreePBX GUI ??

I think i’m really close to it, but i need a little help for the detail i miss. Can someone have an idea please? I need this CDR reports to be on service to do WebRTC.

Hope someone know what’s wrong and have the time to help me

Changed some odbc files and check some modules status.

my ODBC DSN return a fail connection. The issue come from this, but my config seem good??

Any chance to have help ? :confused:

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