CDR Reports & Caller ID

On some entries in the log, I see the incoming number and the caller ID under the “CallerID” column, for example:

“TAMPA REGIONAL” <1813233xxxx>

On others, I only see the number:


and when I hover over it, I see

Caller ID: “ORLANDO FL” <1407440xxxx>

I am trying to find out why it is sometimes this way and sometimes the other. It is not the length of the text.

Any ideas?

(Just to clarify, I put in the xxxx to mask the numbers.)

Some information :innocent:

CID prefix in FreePBX can be overwrite.

  • Check prefix in Ring Groups
  • Check prefix in Inbound Routes

If you see incoming call in 2 diffrent numbers (CDR or Call Event Logging) looks You have wrong CONTEXT configuration.

Thanks. The context is not the problem.

But I just realized something:

When a call hits an IVR, the caller id does not show up in the CDR (only when I hover over it).

When the call hits an extension (either direct of from an IVR), the caller id shows up in the CDR without any need to hover over it.

No idea why it is like that.

Shai fixed the issue!!

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