CDR Reports-Call Detail Record - Search Returned 1 Calls

I did a clean install of asterisks and FreePBX following the directions on the web site

Everything seems to be working fine except for the call detail reports. When I click on search I get the following details
"Call Detail Record - Search Returned 1 Calls".

I did a mysql query on the cdr table in the database asteriskcdrdb and it appears it has all the records. I am not sure why it is not showing up in the FreePBX gui.

Any ideas?

FWIW, I experience the same thing.

Selecting the ‘Call Graph’ extra option produces graphs with the correct results, but selecting the ‘CSV file’ extra option produces a csv file with only a header line (no data).

CEL reports appear to be normal and complete.

A bug report may be needed to get an answer:

Not sure if this is related at all. I use the distro and am on the latest release. I can search the CDR fine but when I click on the call for details, it is just a blank screen.

I agree with this. I did not want to file a bug if it is a configuration issue.

Facing the same issue.

I filed bug report. Maybe you can vote on it to get it fixed.

Your bug report was closed as ‘Cannot Reproduce’, but the problem is fixed in today’s CDR Reports module update to version 13.0.23:

thanks for letting me know. i was about to give up. not sure why they closed my report and said it appears to be a support issue.

When we were in our bug conference 3 people opened and tested on 3 systems. Nobody had a failure so it got closed assuming it is a environmental or configuration issue.

Also this was marked as “Self Install Debian” which also increases the chance of something being misconfigured or not present.

Not complaining. Glad it’s fixed.