CDR reports and recording not working

Just did a fresh new install of freePBX, successfully created extensions, sit trunks, outbound route etc. everything that i set up is working just fine so far (by the way i am completely new to this) what is not working for me is CDR reports and call recording, can someone help and point me in the right direction, i enabled recording in extensions… PLEASE HELP
bytw i am running Asterisk (Ver. 1.8.11) FreePBX

Indeed but your AsteriskNOW was without the necessary underlying functional asteriskcdrdb support. again I suggest you need to do some homework, there is a rather complet “documentation” link on this page also.

Good Luck

Thank you i will give this a try, my asterixnow was with freePBX my web interface said freePBX with freePBX links and logo on the bottom of the page.
4 minutes left to finish downloading this one.
Thank you
I will let you know if it works for me

it is freepbx
your logo is on the top
and summary page says FreePBX System Status
please i am new to this, what do you mean by

module show like cdr?

from the asterisk cli show?

can you explain as i said this is all new to me that i am trying to learn

I think you need to do a lot of homework, no-one will really do it for you, sorry, I don’t mean to be mean but it was you who decided to install AsteriskNOW and they are the obvious ones to help you. The absense or presence of mysql for cdr records is nothing to do with FreePBX, it needs to be properly configured in Asterisk.

If you decide to start over with the FreePBX distro (available at the top of this page under the conveniently named “Download” tab) then it will probably just work.

Also if you search the site instructions on how to fix CDR’s are provided for Asterisk Now. Asterisk now is a poor distribution, they made a mistake and have never fixed the CDR’s

FreePBX is a the web interface and scripts to make Asterisk look like a PBX.

The FreePBX distro is an ISO distribution of CentOS, Asterisk, FreePBX and everything you need to make a complete phone system. The concept is similar to what PBX in a flash, Elastix and Asterisknow does.

i did install asterisknow and freepbx and my issues were with CDR and monitoring, i am trying a clean install now

What I think you are not understanding is AsteriskNow is a different conglomeration of FreePBX and Asterisk. It is not FreePBX and Asterisk.

If you want things to work and get help here, dump the AsteriskNow and install the FreePBX ISO distribution. This will install everything you will need and "generally’ if you have read up on how to set it up, installed it on acceptable hardware, everything will work.

So… download:

and install FreePBX and Asterisk without the bugs and stuff AsteriskNOW has.

Good luck!

Not necessarily.

I asked you already
. . . .

what does

module show like cdr

from the asterisk cli show?

How much help did AsteriskNow give you?

(We are FreePBX here not AsteriskNOW)

You could asy AsteriskNow as they are your authority, you could install a more full-featured distro or you could get your hands dirty and use Google. I suggest the second option.

Server Status
Asterisk OK
Web Server OK
SSH Server OK

Does this mean mysql module is installed?

Thank you for a quick reply,
Installed AsteriskNOW 2.0.2 32-bit ISO Image just yesterday, i updated and istalled all available modules but i do not see mysql module on the list how do i get it installed

bytw i am running Asterisk (Ver. 1.8.11) FreePBX

You don’t say enough about your system, and how you installed it, Perhaps you don’t have the mysql modules loaded?

what does

module show like cdr

from the asterisk cli show?

Thank you johnjces, works like a charm

Well… there IS only one real FreePBX!

Glad I could help.