CDR Reports, 1 line per extension, can I change it to 1 line per call?

The report is not clear, especially if I want to see calls not answered. Even answered calls report not answered for the other extensions. Would it be possible to toggle 1 report line for each call instead of 1 report line for every extension?

Thank you!

Set Deposition = Answered

Thank you, but my problems are: no visible distinction between answered, not answered, outbound calls, but the main problem is the difficulty to find the not answered calls. I mean not answered by any extension.

CDR is very detailed and raw, you’ll need a few looks to understand exactly what’s happening.

Also, take a look at the Call Event Logging module, it might be better what you are looking for

Call Event Logging is worse for not answered (by any extension) calls. They don’t distinguish from answered incoming calls. I wish there would be a simple view/detailed view toggle in the CDR Reports,
Thank you!

Part of the problem is that the “report” is just a dump of the raw CDR database.
Once upon a time (a long time ago) the CDR worked on calls and their disposition. This, unfortunately, didn’t provide enough detail about who didn’t answer calls in ring groups or queues. Around Asterisk 1.8, the CDR database was changed to include all of the calls processed by the system.

It might help to remember that there’s no scenario where an incoming call that is delivered to an extension is “one call”. The incoming call is one call, the outbound call to the extensions are more calls, and they are all bridged together when one of the picks up the phone.

The database reports all of the data you need to make a report that tells exactly what you need. There is also (IIRC) a commercial report package that can give you the level of insight you are looking for.

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