CDR Report not showing correct caller id on CSV export


We use ring groups and have a call flow where incoming calls hit our main ring group 602 then if not answered hit our everyone ring group 600.

if i call and noone answers from 602 then hit 600 and hang then run the cdr report - i get conflicting information from the clid info

when i run a cdr report search i see the call came in to 602 and the caller id is pre fixed with 602

when i export the same search to csv the 602 prefix is then dropped and replaced with 600 which is annoying as when we are reporting on No Answer calls it looks (from the csv) that it was 600 that missed the call and not 602.and from the csv it we are unable to see the path the actual call took.

is this a bug or by design?

i’m running Asterisk 11.18.0 i also have a back server running version 13.14.0 and the same occurs here.