CDR report not accurate

Good Afternoon Colleagues
I hope you are doing well . One of our customer that i recently installed FreePBX at him has not accurate CDR report . Here is a summary:

  • A call received at the call center at 14:10 that answered by agent 1 and last for around 06:50.
  • The unique id of the call is 1679919036.785
  • There is 3 entries has the same unique id . One which is the correct entry that has duration 6:50 which received by agent 1 . There is other 2 wrong entries that has duration 6 seconds where one has disposition ANSWERED and the other one has disposition NO ANSWER . In spite the duration listed is 6 seconds , If you click to hear or download the record file , You will find it complete file with duration 6:50 even with entry that has disposition NO ANSWERE !
  • There is a forth entry that has unique id 1679919045.788 . This entry for the same call but at CDR report listed answered by agent 3 with duration 6 seconds . In fact , It is the same call that answered by agent 1 with duration 6:50

Below is the trace of call based on unique id 1679919036.785

I tried to generate trace call based on unique id 1679919045.788 but it returns same data as unique id 1679919036.785 as below

Appreciate you support.

Thx in advance.

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Not sure what phones you have setup to be members of a queue and what they do when a call comes in but you will see all extensions that are part of the Queue in the CDR report. Typically though they would show as No Answer for us and only the extension that answered would show as Answered so again not sure what your phones/extensions are doing to make asterisk believe that the call was answered.

Hi Igor
Kindly find my below notes:

  • We have 3 softphones with extensions 101 , 102 , 103.
  • The queue strategy is round robin.
  • As shared , There is something wrong in CDR report as described in the original message.

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Good Morning Colleagues
I hope you are doing well . I have finally understand this sequence of entries . This sequence exist when agent with extension 101 received a call then transfer it to another agent which has extension 103.

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