CDR report name lookup issue

Hello Friends,
I came to this issue that CDR report doesn’t show the name of the caller instead of his number if i upload the contact in contact manager through the bulk handler, but if I add contacts in contact manager one by one manually then the name lookup happens in CDR report.
I tried a few things but that didn’t help. Is it some bug or I am doing something wrong?

That sounds very unusual. Are you sure that the entries in contact manager through upload are correct? Did you apply the new configuration?
If you’re sure that you did that, could you provide us with a call debug via pastebin?

Yes, that’s what I thought that it’s very unusual. The entries are very fine they got uploaded correctly and when i test it in CID Superfecta by entering the number the name gets resolved. The only problem i have is it doesn’t show in CDR reports when uploaded but shows when i do manual entry of the contacts in contact mangaer. I will share the debug of the call

hello bellow is the link to see debug report

Do you have the From Trunk source configured in Superfecta? If so, you need to know that source uses the caller id from the provider. It will throw off your test as From Trunk won’t return anything without a live call.

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