CDR Report configuration files location

I am a long time reader. I just install new asterisk + freepbx (custom installation on Centos 6 using original guide)
I am using Centos 6 64bit, Asterisk 13, Freepbx 12.

I wanted to see incoming ring group recorded files not as admin but a regular user. As I was unable to accomplish with actual setup and many hours of research. Therefore, I am trying to create a custom dashboard to accomplish that.

As freepbx, already provide a CDR report page with all the information. I wanted to know if I can grab that configuration page files and customize so only show specific CDR report depend on DID or recording file.

Basically, I would like to know where I can grab those CDR report webpage files on the server so I can start from there and I do not have start from the beginning.

Thank you for any guide or tips

It is a module, so you might want to try…


You may want to check the license file to see if you are allowed to manipulate, change or use the code within.

Thank you.
I will try to setup with those files.