CDR report and call recording: problems when a grup transfer the call

Hi guys! like you can see in the pic a call coming from out side goes to the entrance ring group 600. After that the extension 208 of the ring group transfer the call to the extension 209. Like you can see in the last 2 records of the cdr I have one cdr line external-num 600
and one cdr line for 208 to 209
As you can see this to lines aren’t connected by the id. (system field).
Is there anyway to connect this two lines. at last is just a call transfered. I passed from trixbox to distro just to resolve this issue because my goal is to retrive all calls coming from the external-num, and by this way I can’t retrive that enternal-num has talked to 209.
I see that the first recording contain the last one. Is there any way to have the first record line external-num → 209

Thanks in Advance, any help is appreciated

thanks for the response, nice to know that something is happening for future releases, for now I have some other urgent problems to resolve. (like sip users listen their voice in echo when they get a call transferred).

Thanks again, I will try that after resolving these other problems

No. Not yet.

In 2.11 we have added some support for CEL (Call Event Logging) which is a much more ‘fine grain’ way of tracing a call.

There is some manual setup that is needed and the 2.11 version of FreePBX has a zipped file in the module directory which provides instructions for doing that setup.

When that is all setup, FreePBX will show all the CEL records associated with a single call and when you have drilled down on the CEL records, it will show you all the CDR records associated with that single call. The CEL records are a way os somewhat linearly following a ‘single call’ through any set of changes it may do from attended and blind transfers to parking to call pickup situations and more.

Version 2.11 will be 'officially going into beta soon so if you are interested you would have to pull the code from SVN to have a look at and take advantage of this information.