CDR Report - A call show answered with no record file

Good Morning Colleagues
I hope you are doing well . I was checking the CDR report for one of my customers and there was an entry as below:

As you can see , The entry showed the call as answered with duration 2:43 but nothing recorded .

Below also is the trace of the call:

So kindly advice.

Best Regards

This caller sat in the queue for a few minutes before they hung up, but the call was never answered by an internal extension. There is an option in Advanced Settings called “Call Record Option” that allows you to toggle whether unanswered calls are recorded or not.

Hi Lorne
Thx for your feedback . Do you mean i need to set the below option to “No” so unanswered calls not recorded ?

Best Regards

Read the tool tip, it’s admittedly a bit confusing …

Don’t begin recording unless a call is bridged to another channel

When this option is set to ‘yes’ the recording does not start until a call is bridged to another channel. You prob want it set to no.

Hi Lorne
Thx for your replay. Let me test in my lab and will share with you my feedback.

Best Regards

Thx Lorne for your analysis . This is exactly what happened . This will help me in future understand well CDR report.

Thx in advance.

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