CDR query from one specific user stopping calls from processing

Hello all,
Strange problem here. I have one user that when he goes to CDR reports and searches for a call using a phone number it shows the loading circle and during this time no one is able to call out it also seems to stop inbound calls from processing. if we close the page call start processing again. If another user logs into FreePBX on his computer and does the same search it loads right away and we have no issues. If the problem user logs into another computer we have the same issue. We are running FreePBX Distro with Asterisk 16.6.2. This was still an issue running Asterisk 13. I tried updating to 16 to see if it would help last night but no difference. The user is an active directory user. Any thoughts?

Does the user have a huge call history? The only thing that comes to mind is that maybe the processing of CDR reports consumes all of the resources on the server, so it might be wise to look at the system usage while he runs a report.

But then why doesn’t it do the same thing for the other user?

@chuckrick Is it the same report or is the CDR report specific to the specific user in question?

the same cdr report query for both users.

Something else I noticed is in FreePBX Statistics the in use spikes to over 100 when the issue happens.

Maybe run htop in the terminal and see what is consuming the resources when the query is executed.

3 things that come to mind

Try different browser
check duplex/speed network settings
Check for antivirus

A random thought - is this on an ESXI hosted instance?

No this is on a Dell Poweredge 2950 gen3 server no VM.

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