CDR is shown that Dial to own extension number automatically

Hi all,
I find that extension dial to own number from CDR.
for example from 1500 to 1500.
It seem looks like SIP attack.
Am I correct?
I attached screen shot of CDR.

from-sip-external Is from external you should revisit your firewall settings

Both on freePBX and perimeter firewall

Why are you allowing anonymous endpoints?

I’m using FreePBX15.
where can I check for allowing anonymous endpoints?

In Asterisk SIP Settings, turn off Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls and Allow SIP Guests.

If this causes legitimate inbound calls to fail, you need to fix the trunk settings, usually by setting Match (Permit) to the list of addresses from which the provider can send calls.

I set to yes(allow) for these settings because it depend specification of VoIP trunk I used.

If I disable for these settings, where can I set for IP address range for VoIP carrier used from FreePBX GUI as you wrote?

On the Advanced tab for a pjsip trunk, there is a Match (Permit) field, in which you can enter a list of addresses and/or blocks (in CIDR notation) from which the provider can send calls.

If you must use chan_sip, create a trunk for each additional address.

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I’m using chan_sip.
Does it work like in peer details?

chan_sip is deprecated and you should replace it with chan_pjsip. It does not support providers with large numbers of possible source addresses.

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