CDR - Duration & Billing Duration

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One of my customers has FreePBX with Queue round robin configured . He has 3 agents configured.

At 1st of May @ 23:21 PM , Only one agent was available and was engaged in a call . At this time , another call has been received that reside in queue as waiting call for almost two minutes till this agent finished the previous call and receive this call @23:23 PM.

Kindly check the snapshots from CDR report.

You can see that the duration of this call - as in the last snapshot- is 02:35 while the billing duration is 02:31 . I really can not understand this .

What i understand that duration is the time the caller reside in queue + duration of actual call and what i understand also that billing duration is the actual call duration so i was expect to find the duration greater than billing duration with 2 minutes at least.

So kindly advice.

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Duration is the total time of the call from the moment it entered the PBX. Billing Duration is the duration of the call that was Answered. Calls have to be answered to sit in a queue.

Tom’s mostly correct, with one minor correction. It’s possible to config a queue to not answer the channel of the waiting caller, but it’s usually undesirable to do so.

Hi Tom & Lorne
Thx for your replay . If Duration is the total time of the call from the moment it entered the PBX and Billing Duration is the duration of the call that was Answered , Then - In my case- , Why Duration is 2:35 and Billing Duration is 2:31 in spite of the fact that the call entered PBX then wait for almost 2 minutes to be answered.

Based on the above description , If Billing duration is 2:31 (as shared in the third snapshot in the first message) then Duration should be at least 4:31 not 2:35 .

So kindly advice.

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We’re using ‘answered’ in the technical sense here. On an Asterisk based systems, a phone call is comprised of one or more separate channels. In this use case an inbound caller arrives at the PBX, Asterisk sets up a channel, Asterisk ANSWERS the channel, plays a recording and sends the caller to the queue to listen to music on hold. When it comes time to send the caller to an agent, Asterisk sets up a whole new channel, rings the agent, the agent picks up the phone indicating to Asterisk the channel is ANSWERED and Asterisk bridges the two channels together.

You can actually see this in action live using sngrep.

Hi Lorne
Thx for your detailed replied . I have tested it in the LAB and can understand it now.

May i know which command i can use to get the exact waiting time of this call ?

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No real easy command out there that does that.

But there are reporting tools such as Asternic Call Center Stats that gives you a nice detailed visual look of what happened to the call once it hit the queue.

Hi PitzKey
Thx for your replay . I will download it and test it.

Thx in advance.

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