CDR disappeared overnight?

I had a system running FreePBX12 and Asterisk12. Everything had been great but then overnight my CDR has gone completely empty. This is all I see

That is lovely - do you need the historical, or do you just want to fix it and don’t care about the old?

I can lose the old and be happy, as long as it returns to functionality

That isn’t an “empty” CDR - there is data there. It looks more like someone clobbered the database table data file.

There’s an fwconsole command to repair the databases now (IIRC), so I’d start with that. If you can’t find it or it doesn’t cover the CDR database, you can try logging into MySQL through the command line (from the console) and entering “Use asteriskcdrdb ; repair table cdr” and see what happens.

I have used this method MANY times in the past successfully with no side effects:


Do run a backup before you do this just in case.