CDR Database (SQL Server)

I’ve been googling and experimenting for hours, but can’t figure this out…

All I’m trying to do is change the CDR database to SQL Server. I can successfully connect via the command line. So I went ahead and entered all the right settings under

   Advanced Settings > Remote CDR Database 

Problem is the “Remote CDR DB Type?” list only contains: mysql and postges. There’s no SQL Server option. I tried selecting “mysql” for grins but that just produces errors.

[DB Error: connect failed] ** mysql://user:[email protected]:1433/DBName

What do I need to make it work? I’m kind of at my wits end … so ANY help would be appreciated.

You would have to recompile asterisk with TDS or ODBC support, build the relevant connector between the two boxes and create the cdr database on your server.