CDR and Recordings not shown

Hi everybody,
I have installed AsteriskNOW 1.7.1, and then followed the following tutorial ( to update to Asterisk 1.8.
I also have the latest version of FreePBX installed, 2.8.

I have some problems though, and being a newbie, I can’t figure them out by myself.

I created two dummy extensions, 101 and 102, and set the recording of incoming and outcoming calls on “Always” for both extensions. Also, I activated the voicemail on 102.

Now, I am able to call, with Ekiga, from 101 to 102 and, if I don’t answer from 102, the call goes to Voicemail and gets recorded.

The problems arise if I do answer the call.
That call should be recorded! But if in ARI I go and check for Recorded Calls, I can’t see any; I can see any voicemail message, though.
The strangest thing is that, if I check in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor the audio files with the calls are there! The calls are indeed recorded, but they are not shown in ARI!

Also, in the Reports tab, I should be able to see the CDR of both the answered and unaswered calls, right? Instead I can’t see anything. It’s like they are not logged.

How can I fix these problems? Am I forgetting to activate something?
Please help me.

Thank you everybody