Catch Asterisk events

Hello everybody,

we have installed trixbox, and we are now testing it.

We have to do a server program wich “capture” Asterisk events (such as call starting, call ending ecc.). How can we do this?? Is there a way to catch Asterisk events or we have to periodically interrogate Asterisk from command line?

I ask here because I’ve seen that trixbox use freePBX, so perhaps you can help me…


What are you trying to catch events from (application? remotely?). The easiest way is probably to use the Asterisk Management Interface (AMI).

hei…i m full planned to run asterisk-1.4.18 with frrepbx 2.3.0 on my rhel-5 but very upset with my network knowledge. I am even unale to edit my network settings…U know when i gave the following commands:
echo “options {” >>/var/named.conf
echo " directory “/var/named”;" >> /etc/named.conf
echo " dump-file “/var/named/data/cache_dump.db”;" >> /etc/named.conf
echo " statistics-file “/var/named/data/named_stats.txt”;" >> /etc/named.conf
echo “include “/etc/rndc.key”;” >> /etc/named.conf

then it gives the following message :

Error in named configuration :
/etc/named.conf :2: unknown option ‘options’
/etc/named.conf :7: unexpected token near end of file


so could u experienced guyz help me to sort out this problem forgiving my poor network knowledge so that i may proceed on my freepbx.

                                              e mail id : [email protected]

thanks in advance

Thank for your reply!

Someone has told me about AGI, could it be a valid solution?

All my extensions have the context “from-internal”.
If I want to run a script each time a call starts, where have I to put the AGI command?
In the first line of “from-internal-custom”?

exten => s,1,AGI(myscript)

is it right?

Thanks for your help, I’m very newbie…

Another question: I use trixbox, and I’ve seen that freepbx displays all the information about asterisk, for example if a call starts, the number of active calls and so on… How is this obtained? How freepbx gets all the information about asterisk?

please do not hijack a thread about one thing and attempt to ask another. people who might know your answer will not read the message becasue of the origional subject. Please port your Question as a new entry in the forum instead and you’ll get a better answer.

you’ll also get more help in the Redhat forums on this issue then here most likely.