Catch All no longer works

What happend to the Any DID option, now its picking up all calls, not just the undefined DIDs


Nothing has happened to the any/any option. I’ll bet that your provider is connecting via SIP and what is going on is that your provider changed the the format (intentionally or not) and didn’t notify you. in the asterisk CLI do set verbose 3
and watch a call come in, I’ll bet it is parsing the info differently then the other day when it worked.

It also helps if you post detailed information like versions of software (*, FreePBX, etc) and even a call trace as what I’m saying above is a total guess and shot in the dark as it’s the most common reason for what you are saying is going on.

Thanks for your quick responce.

It worked before version 2.4. As soon as I put and Any DID/ Any CID route, it ignores the other extensions created. I have a PRI so I dont really think my provider changed anything.

It would help others help you or help determine if there is an issue if you would provide specifics like version number you were on and changed to that you think introduced the problem. But as far as a standard un-modified configuration, it works on 2.4 so it would be something on your end in that case.

On 2.5 there have been some changes but it should work. If you are testing on the 2.5 release candidate and that is where you are seeing your issues, then you should provide a lot more details including what your from-pstn context looks like in extensions.conf and what your ext-did and associated contexts look like in extensions_additional.conf.

ok if you are using 2.4 with a PRI you are correct it should not have changed, I can tell you I’m using 2.4 with all the latest and it works as I have the same versions setup on our PRI.

Can you go into the asterisk cli and type set verbose 5
then make a call and capture the output from the CLI and post it here (or at pastebin and provide the link to it) so we can see please.

that’s actually giving the telco a lot of credit that they wouldn’t change something on you unexpectedly, the telco is guilty way more often then one might expect and I have seen them change DID formating without informing clients. (Not to suggest that is the probably cause here but …)