Carry incoming caller ID to custom extension dialing out

I have an inbound call, user presses 2 to contact support, this goes to an custom extension which dials out to Local/7575551212. The caller ID received by support is the outbound trunk’s callerid.
How could I set the outbound trunk callerid to the inbound callerid? Inbound callerid varies each call.

A quick scan through the Forum’s search function would have answered this question.

In general, you can add a call to “SetCallerID” on the “way out” of the IVR (instead of sending the call to the extension, send it to SetCallerID, which would then call the custom extension).

Note that there are simpler ways, but they depend on information you didn’t provide. Also, some providers will not allow “foreign” Caller IDs to be transmitted over the outbound line, so you’ll need to make sure your provider is down with that.

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